5 Ways to Avoid Debit/Credit Card Fraud.

By: Dylan J. Bloniarz


Unfortunately, in the world we live in there is debit and credit card fraud happening. We don’t want to see our members have to deal with the hassle of having fraud on their card. So Team DCCU came together to provide these five useful tips to help prevent debit/credit card fraud!


credit card data encryption protection


  1. Avoid using cards on unsecured websites.

Before searching websites for the perfect outfit, phone case, or pair of shoes be sure to check the pages address. A secured websites address starts with “https://” and unsecured websites start with “http://.” The added “s” indicates the website uses an encryption system to jumble your information. However, this still doesn’t necessarily guarantee your transaction is 100% safe, but it is a great and fast way to give you a layer of confidence.

  1. Use credit, not debit.

When it comes to online shopping, it’s safer to use a credit card. If you use your debit card for online shopping, you give possible hackers access to your account information. You jeopardize the chance that a swindler may decide to use your card number or clean out your account. However, credit cards, on the flip side, are more secure for online shopping.

  1. Choose ATMs wisely.

When you can’t use your DCCU credit or debit card and you need cash, choose the ATM you use wisely.  ATMs that are not located at financial intuitions or backed by financial intuitions are best avoided. These ATMs charge you fees (I mean unless you have one of our awesome KASASA accounts!) that can add up quickly and can be tampered with by thieves trying to steal your card numbers. If you absolutely have to use one of these ATMs, use them with caution. For example, if it makes off the wall requests like asking your PIN number twice, it’s best to back out of the transaction.

  1. Let Team DCCU know your Travel Plans

Before you go on that awesome vacation you have planned it’s a great idea to let us know! This way, we won’t turn your card off when you are using it while traveling! Also if we know you’re out of the country we’ll know to decline attempted purchases back here! Another great way of ensure your cards safety is updating your information. If you change your address, phone number, or email let us know. This way, we have the correct contact information if by chance we suspect a fraudulent charge or suspicious transaction.

  1. Consider one of our Protection Services.

Delta County CU offers a number of products that can help ensure your debit card and credit card’s safety. One of them being MobiMoney! With this very helpful app you can turn your card on or off, receive instant alerts when your card is being used, set spending thresholds, authorize only specific merchants, and set location parameters. Another one is KASASA Protect. With this service we offer, you get a full line of defense for your personal and financial data. This product offers 24/7 credit monitoring, credit reporting, monthly credit score & tracker, dark web monitoring, lost wallet protection, and identity restoration! Those are just some of the products we offer. See full product details at www.deltacountycu.com!