Certificates are a terrific way to save for a special purpose. We offer certificates with terms ranging up to five years with various rates based upon the term of the certificate.

Whatever your investment goals, we have CDs to match. Our experienced staff will help you select the best alternatives to meet your current and future needs.

Certificate Rates - Effective Sunday, November 17, 2019
Certificate TermAPYMinimum Deposit
90 DAY CERTIFICATE0.200%$1,000.00
180 DAY CERTIFICATE0.750%$1,000.00
1 YEAR CERTIFICATE1.010%$1,000.00
2 YEAR CERTIFICATE1.460%$1,000.00
3 YEAR CERTIFICATE1.760%$1,000.00
4 YEAR CERTIFICATE2.270%$1,000.00
5 YEAR CERTIFICATE2.530%$1,000.00
13 MONTH CD SPECIAL2.530%$1,000.00
19 MONTH CD SPECIAL2.790%$1,000.00
25 MONTH CD SPECIAL2.890%$1,000.00