Youth Saver Squads

Team DCCU makes it fun and educational for youth 16 and under to be members of Delta County CU!

The Delta Saver Squad logo

The Delta Saver Squad.

Our Saver Squad is designed for youth members ages 5-12. When our Squad members first join they will receive a savings pouch to keep their money safe in until they are ready to deposit it and their very own membership card! We also have an awesome rewards program for our Squad members to make saving even more fun! Every $5 they deposit they will receive one “Saver Squad Token” and with those tokens, they can cash them in for awesome prizes! They can even save up for a $25 savings deposit from Team DCCU! We also have many great giveaways, fun contests, and awesome events throughout the year! Learn more about Delta Saver Squad.

Saver Cents Squad logo

The Saver ¢ents Squad.

Our Saver ¢ents Squad is designed for youth members ages 13-16. Our goal with this account is to teach them important financial lessons so teens will be financially smarter when they step foot into the big world! We also offer a rewards program with this Squad! When youth members transition from the Saver Squad to the ¢ents Squad they will receive a “Squad Card.” With that card they will present it every time they make a deposit and receive one stamp for every $10 they put into their account. Once they fill their card with stamps (20 stamps) they will get $15 deposited into their account from Team DCCU! To view full details Learn more about Saver Cents Squad.