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Cost & Compare Tool

Harvard or Yale, which will cost less? You can find out with our Cost & Compare tool! If your struggling to pick a school because of tuition costs you will love this tool! Simply type in your household income, home state, and your prospect colleges/universities then, whalla!, you'll know how much you'll be paying each year. This tool also estimates how much financial aid you'll receive based on household income. Give it a try!

50 Michigan Scholarships

There's no doubt college is going to be a bit pricey. That's why Team DCCU has done some scholarship research fro you! Check out these 50 Michigan scholarships available to graduating high school students. Click on the links below each scholarship to find out the details and qualifications. We wish you the best of luck when applying!

Need Money for Tuition?

If you're worried about how your going to pay for your tuition next semester, don't sweat it. We are partnered with SallieMae and have great options for student loans with three convenient repayment plans. Apply right online and get your loan approved in minutes! Start your application now!