Don’t get hacked by Fraudsters.

Team DCCU would like to take a moment to talk about some current fraud our members have been experiencing. Unfortunately, in the world we live in, there are scams. However, there are precautions everyone can take to help avoid them.  We compiled this list of helpful tips to avoid fraud on your account.

  1. Don’t ever give out your online banking information.

When you give out your online banking information, you give that person full access to your account. They can see your account balances, transfer funds, apply for a loan etc. This is why it is so important to keep your online banking passwords to yourself! If someone says they “need” your online banking password and account number to process something, it is most likely a criminal trying to scam you.

  1. Don’t ever give out your remote deposit capture information.

Criminals often reach out to people claiming they need their remote deposit information because they need their help or want to give them money. Once the criminal has the information, they deposit a check through your remote deposit capture account and then ask you to wire all or part of the money back to them.  The check is returned as fraudulent and you are left to cover the amount of the check.  The money you wired is not recoverable. This is why it’s extremely important to keep your login credentials to yourself.

  1. Be aware of imposters

Many scam artists may contact you claiming they work for a government office or charity.  They may even claim to be (or know) someone close to you. It is very important that you don’t send money or give them personal information.

  1. Do your research

If you get an email stating “Congratulations you’ve won a $100 Amazon gift card!” do some research before you fill in all of your information to claim the prize. Another common scam is a phone call or email from the IRS stating you’re behind on your taxes and need to send money immediately. Before taking any action, do your research. Use the internet to see if other people have experienced the same thing as you.

  1. Ask Team DCCU

If you ever have any questions regarding anything dealing with fraud, scams, or fraudsters do not hesitate to give us a call! It’s our job to keep our members’ information safe and secure.  We are always happy to help!