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Membership is open to all those who live, work, are retired, worship, attend school, or own real estate in beautiful Delta County. As well as those who are immediate family members of existing members!

How do you start banking with us?

Opening an account at DCCU has never been easier! All you have to do is click the account below you would like to open, or you can always stop at one of our offices and we’ll give you the hook-up!

Team DCCU has the pleasure of offering you awesome checking accounts called Kasasa Free Checking. These checking accounts give you the opportunity to earn amazing rewards such as cash back, high interest, or iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play rewards! All these accounts are 100% free and have no hidden fees. Select the account below that best fits you!


HIGH INTEREST? I’ll take it!

CASH BACK is my thing!


No rewards, Standard Checking is fine.

Standard Savings Account

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