Merger Update

What's Happening?

The response to the COVID-19 outbreak has forced some changes to our merger timeline. Our legal merger will still be completed on May 15, 2020. However, we won’t complete our operational merger until September of this year.

What's the difference between Legal & Operational?

Legal Merger

Upon the legal merger we will become a part of Embers Credit Union.  We will still be operating as Delta County Credit Union, but you will notice that “A Division of Embers Credit Union” will be added to our signs, statements and other documents. Your         accounts, debit/credit cards, certificates, loans, and all  other services you have with us will not change until after the             operational merger.

What we'll look like now until September...


Operational Merger

The operational merger will occur in September. This is when you will     receive new debit/credit cards and your accounts, certificates, loans, and all other services will shift over to the new processing system.  We’re working hard to ensure this will be a seamless transition. This is also the time you can begin using all other Embers locations. From now until      September, you can expect to receive multiple updates on all aspects of this process. 

What we'll look like from September on...

Stay tuned for more information!